We recognize that great mutual funds are the ones that have the ability to outperform, whether in bull or bear markets. To give our investment professionals the information edge they need, EULAV Asset Management supports its portfolio managers with advanced analytics that include FactSet, Bloomberg and Thomson One as well as the venerable Value Line research and Ranking Systems.

Proprietary Value Line research includes the predictive Ranking Systems for both Timeliness™ and Safety™. The Timeliness ranking system represents an “at-a-glance” forecast of the near-term (6-12 months) relative price movements for a far-reaching universe of U.S. stocks. These stocks are rated on a scale of 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest).

Timeliness rankings are further refined by the dependable Safety and Technical rankings, which are designed to measure volatility and short-term statistical signals, respectively.

Along with our deep affinity for sophisticated analytics, we recognize that ours is a craft practiced by expertly trained professionals. Each of our Funds follows a disciplined investment process, while allowing our veteran portfolio managers to exercise their keen judgment within the scope of the investment objectives.